Purcell Collegiate School

Purcell Collegiate School (PCS) is a paradigm-shifting international boarding school for students in Grades 7 – 12, the only educational opportunity of its kind in North America. The school’s partnership with the ʔaq’am Community of the Ktunaxa First Nation distinguishes it as a learning experience for international and Canadian students alike.

In addition to core academic courses, PCS offers unique elective classes and extra-curricular opportunities in the areas of sustainability, outdoor education, STEM, business and entrepreneurship, leadership, and fine arts. All aspects of the learning experience at PCS are informed by and infused with the First Peoples Principles of Learning and Indigenous Ways of Knowing.

PCS Achieves International Baccalaureate Candidacy!


As a result of its partnership with PCS, AQG has exclusive access to 15 placements for Chinese students at PCS each year.  AQG is also the exclusive organizer of short-term programs for Chinese students at PCS, particularly those originating under the MOU structure that AQG pioneered in Guangdong province.

PCS was designed for international students and focuses on university preparation.  Students have the opportunity to participate in a suite of extracurricular programs designed to help them apply for and gain admission to their preferred post-secondary institutions—but that’s only the first step.

PCS wants students to be successful at university—and in life. U.prep@PCS is about exploring possibilities and expanding horizons; it’s about taking the lead and being part of a team; and it’s about doing students doing their part and finding their way.


December 1, 2023: Early decision deadline for Chinese applicants in Grades 7 to 12. We highly recommend submitting an early application to ensure your child’s space at PCS.

January 31, 2024: Regular decision deadline for Chinese applicants in Grades 7 – 12.

March 31, 2024: After this date, “rolling admission” begins. If seats are still available, we consider completed application packages on a one-off basis if spaces are still available.

For more information or to apply, interested Chinese applicants should contact:

Sophia Dong, AQG Admissions Coordinator
Tel: +86-18620725706 | Email:  sophia_dong@aqgedu.com

The PCS school motto:  Grateful. Mindful. Purposeful. Successful.  For more information on PCS, visit www.purcellcollegiate.ca