Duncan MacLeod

Co-founder and President of Purcell International Education

The goal of these exchanges is at the heart of the MOU between our education systems: to create connections between students, build bridges between cultures, and inspire collaboration and comradery among a generation that will share in and shape the future of an ever-shrinking planet.


Robyn MacEachern

Teacher,Wolf Creek Public Schools

As educators, we know and recognize the importance of cultural exchange, we wouldn’t all be here if we didn’t. What has been incredibly touching to me, is hearing from students when they recognize this importance. The life skills and understanding gained from exchanges like these are invaluable. “I have a completely new perspective of what lies beyond the Pacific Ocean”, I have been told by a student. “I don’t want to leave,” says another student.


Li Jinjun

Director of the Exchange and Cooperation Office of Guangdong Education Department

Practice has proved that these activities can increase mutual understanding between young people of the two countries, promote mutual communication among different cultures, broaden students’ international perspective, and improve students’ intercultural literacy. /These activities can play a positive role in improving the students’ language skills, cultivating children’s independent living ability, self-solving ability for difficulties, and the ability to communicate with others.


Mother of Wang Jiarun

Guangzhou Yucai Middle School

My child had never been alone from his mother for so long in his life.The MOU program gave him the perfect opportunity to stand on his own two feet. Broadened my horizon and increased my knowledge. In the embrace of nature, I deeply realized the beauty and power of nature. In the team environment, I learned to integrate, care for and help others. Yes, the time is short, soon to return to China, the teacher’s love, the RMISP and the teacher’s warmth and hospitality, the host family’s love, will be deeply left in the children’s memory. A good study tour life will accompany and affect children’s life. In the words of a child, I have learned so much!


Mark McWhinnie

Former Assistant Superintendent, Wolf Creek Public Schools

Together we will explore mutually beneficial opportunities and expand our appreciation for language and culture between us. The students and leaders will benefit in wonderful ways through this experience as they are supported by our education bureaus and AQG Education Science and Technology Consulting. Together we will create many learning experiences that our students will benefit from making the MOU between Guangdong Province and the Province of Alberta a living and beneficial experience for everyone.


Emily Mueller

Student, Wolf Creek Public Schools

As a result, we have come to know and love both Chinese and Canadian cultures more deeply, appreciating what our different traditions offer, and respecting the value of traditions and ways of life that at times are very similar, and at other times, very different. Through our host family experiences were given the opportunity to live within the home of a Chinese family, who taught us things from cooking, to family customs and rituals, to weaving in and out of lanes while driving. Our host family experiences have forever changed our lives in ways we could not have imagined. The words, “Thank you” for everything they did for us, do not seem like enough to express how truly grateful we are for the way they opened up their home and their hearts to welcome us in.