AQG World Homestay Program

Welcome to the AQG World International Student Homestay Program – an enriching opportunity for students to embark on a transformative cultural and educational journey in Calgary, Alberta. Our program offers a unique blend of academic excellence, cultural immersion, and the warmth of Canadian hospitality.

As part of our homestay experience, students have the privilege of residing with welcoming families in the picturesque landscapes of Southern Alberta. The program’s focal point is the renowned Strathcona-Tweedsmuir School, providing students with an exceptional educational environment to foster growth and academic success.


At the heart of our program is a dedicated homestay coordinator, available 24/7 to ensure the well-being of our students, particularly in times of emergencies. This coordinator not only serves as a point of contact but also establishes a personal connection by meeting with students weekly at their school, providing guidance and support throughout their academic journey.


We understand the importance of fostering a sense of community and belonging. To enhance the students’ overall experience, our program includes a curated selection of monthly activities that showcase the best of local and Canadian culture. This ensures that students not only excel academically but also create lasting memories through participation in events and activities that highlight the rich tapestry of their surroundings.


Our commitment goes beyond academics; students are embraced as part of their host families’ everyday life. From sharing nutritious meals to participating in household chores, students become integral members of their host families, creating a supportive environment for personal and cultural growth.

Join us at AQG World International Student Homestay Program, where education meets hospitality, and every student is welcomed into a nurturing community that transcends borders. Experience the best of Canadian culture, build lifelong connections, and lay the foundation for a successful academic journey.

Conventional Preschool


Meet Kris and Deme, a vibrant and outdoorsy couple, both 29 years old, residing in the scenic Redwood Meadows. Their love for nature and adventure is evident, with frequent camping, hiking, and skiing outings. Two friendly dogs often join their escapades. Kris, once in the restaurant industry, now a skilled roofer, surprises guests with his culinary expertise.

Deme, a dedicated clinical research coordinator at the Cancer Centre in Calgary, holds a master’s degree from the University of British Columbia. Their homestay offers more than just accommodation—it’s an immersion in Canadian culture, outdoor activities, and delightful home-cooked meals. Drawing from Kris’s upbringing with exchange students, they open their home to provide a unique and supportive experience for international high school students. Join them for a memorable Canadian adventure!

Conventional Preschool
Infant-Toddler Program
Infant-Toddler Program