Building Your Promising Future

Our Mission

AQG World’s mission is to empower every student to reach their full potential and fulfill their lifelong dreams. We guide and support students and their families through the complex world of international education and are dedicated to creating a strong foundation for students of all ages to successfully transition through every stage of their education and career journey in Canada.



AQG World offers a variety of study abroad programs suited to all ages from pre-school language learners to teens and adults.  Our experience and partnerships sets us apart and our approach to international education is unsurpassed in the industry.


AQG World comprises a group of highly skilled individuals, motivated by a profound sense of achievement, and enthusiastic about coming together to cooperate, exchanging their expertise and knowledge, all with the aim of pursuing their goals within the company.


We’re located in Kimberley, British Columbia, a town distinguished as the “Best Small Town” by CBC. Kimberley boasts the distinction of hosting Canada’s oldest international education program and also serves as the location for Purcell Collegiate, an inventive international education boarding school. This institution collaborates with the Aq’am Community to advance truth and reconciliation through education.